About Us

Pest Control Johannesburg

Get Rid Of Pests Once and For All!

Pest Control Johannesburg began as a home based business in 2009 and we have since expanded to having a few offices in and around Johannesburg. Our company goals is to get rid of pests and apply ways to keep them out!

Customers who have received and abided by our after sales services can confess to the fact that they are not bothered by pests we have eliminated due to our ongoing preventative methods.

Pest Control Johannesburg has maintained a high level of standards by ensuring that our pest control technicians are trained through pest control courses that result in them gaining national and internationally recognized qualifications and assessed by the internal executive board.

Keep pests away for forever!

At Pest Control Johannesburg aims to become a leader as pest control service providers with a reputation of taking care of our customers even after we have completed our treatments.

Customers benefit a lot with our after treatment services:

  • Ongoing Property Inspections
  • Customer Pest Prevention Techniques
  • Affordable Monthly Fees
  • Custom Arranged After Services

At Pest Control Johannesburg after services are a key to keeping pests away from your property for good. Customers applying the tips and preventative techniques offered to them to endorse in their homes or businesses.

Pest Control Johannesburg offers unique services to suit your budget so, you don’t have a reason to allow pests to take over your property.

Call us today if you want to make sure that you won’t to witness the drastic damages that pests can do, get in touch for free quotation today!